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Marc Almond The collection at the end of 70, assembled waste plastics, polyester and latex kraftwerkiane suicidiani experiments and keys of keyboard, Creating grotesque mutants. The minimalism of the first electronic voltage and the male of some new wave spasms are released from Any stylistic straitjacket and cerebralit Whatsoever, burning spartan garments to choose the path dell'ambiguit extreme, the make up. Seems que la scandal glam Earlier decade has-been forgotten, aim, in England, in 1980 is going to itchy streams for homosexual, veterans from art schools Where Art means clustering metamorphosis, alteration s constant provocation in a respectable and hypocritically phlegmatic. The various expressions found reason to be right in the desire to escape ridiculous appearances and happiness and if the vaunted punk screams and spits, the dark wave struts gloomy and sad, synth pop, HOWEVER, dance and artificial light, not too many, at least apparent, he claims. strategy 'Drop your weapons and tickles the system up to a nervous breakdown because _him_.' Marc Almond and Dave Ball, just out from the Art College, capture and actualized, Becoming The Soft Cell, fluorescent particle sound of the busy hive of time. Aesthetics abused unscrupulous, perfectly aligned with the archetypes of the gay disco club: Almond hyperbole of self-centeredness and narcissism, vain to excess, most is capricious of a woman, provocative by nature; nell'ensemble of oddities, to show a crystalline voice, theatrical and full of sharp, qui is why the game is definitely worth the candle. In 1980 the duo because Produces Mutant Moments Ep Containing claims admonitions to Alan Vega ('Potential'), laser futuristic visions ('Metro MRX), zombie revelers in the basements of Some desolate metropolis and comics (' Frustration '). Instinct pushes self-celebratory Almond distribute canvassing His trial, the goal box for it Alleviates the hardships ahead of time: the American label Sire, Recognizing germinal ideas of originality and ingenuity DESPITE Some juxtapositions skiing, decided to publish the single 'Memorabilia', with qui est reliable the band to Attract the Attention of the underground tour of New York. The attendance of hard New Yorkers That a step further Top Reviews towards the acquisition of identity That year, as equivocal and transgressive, Became the trademark of Soft Cell, The One That, in American territory, Affecting, for the same label The first album, No Stop Erotic Cabaret, load lascivious ambitions from the title. On the album cover is Dominated by a pair Neon photo, with Almond in the role of first lady willful and night owl, Knockoff Ray Bans Ukprotected by dark sunglasses and pouting, Ray Bans KnockoffRay Ban Eyeglasses Knockoffsthe background / support the gentle giant Dave Ball. Immediately the ears are affected by the burst of synthetic and syncopated 'Tainted Love' cover / tribute to Ed Cobb, played by Gloria Jones in 1964, Followed by étroitement year full entrance with a feather boa, ironic game starlets lap dance in 'Seedy Films'. Define what happens transgressive to the little understatement: 'Sex Dwarf' the clear declaration of a perverse taste and irreverent, the pace Becomes iperaccelerato, the lyrics brash and panting, with a busy Almond in a moment of sodomy and a Ball spying voyeur; Appropriately this appearance is reflected in the video for the single, party red light dwarfs harnessed in overalls sadomasochistic That, grinning, Threaten pleasant lashes. The run is more accelerated and phantasmagoric of the wrinkles, the Manner of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, begins in 'Chips On My Shoulder', from qui you come out with dizziness and arts in automatic movement. The cheerleaders are fun to make maliciously fluttering skirts around the Almond on 'Secret Life', Followed by the full closure of vapor fuchsia romantic 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye'. The Sire, pleased to record Numerous feedback from early album, how to stir up a public explosion waiting to new shocks, it Publishes in 1982 collection of unreleased remix some more. Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing Clearly a trading operation designed desk, giving any avocation to Cell Sot time to regenerate and Produce a new album, not to miss the opportunity to ride the wave just found. DESPITE the repetitiveness emerge interesting interpretations: a 'Sex Dwarf' Whose sadomasochistic orgy is enriched with new guests and new groans, along with a 'Tainted Love' and more metal wire in the industrial bland medley sull'inedito 'Where Did Our Love Go ? 'Anxious palpitation of Almond. The extended of 'Memorabilia' power of attorney to a disco club and acid Floorfiller schizophrenic, kind of oracle of Many tunz tunz of the coming together all'inedito instrumental 'A Man Could Get Lost' episode haunting and full of effects. Other unpublished, is appreciable the groove space and elegant 'I know,' close to some experiments of Ultravox, and treble Softened by keyboards / game in the original version of 'What', qui extended the flaw, HOWEVER, Good Ray Ban Knockoffssome redundancy. After the sabbatical year, Almond back to put in the window, and laid more sweetened than the beginning of the eruption, with The Art of Falling Apart. The record sounds and Slowed Softened with inserts of cotton candy, like a love that, this time, share of the head, Rather than lust dall'estemporanea body. The preferred form of seduction remains blinking, qui with the artist prompts the listener to follow him on His couch spotted entre languid flapping eyelashes ('Numbers'); Generates the emotional crisis anxiety to Depeche Mode in 'Heat', solipsistic walk in the rain and insidious end of a sleepless night and rose from inner conflicts. The irresistible tendency to trinket erotic simulacrum of personal devotion, is titled 'Baby Doll', a sort of antechamber / petting PRECEDING a time immediately surrender to the 'Sex Dwarf'. The title track, a game the Human League, Version 'voice vs eager keyboard cocky' Followed By an unexpected, enjoyable tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Hendrix Medley), guitarist nell'artificiosit surreal emasculation of synth pop. After dripping lunar dust romance of 'Barriers', closed with disengagement 'It's A Mug's Game'. The rapid rise That Produce expectations, in The Most frustrating Would generate anxieties, the purpose greedy approach of experience, in the slums of New York vicious and tainted by the first sad, AIDS cases, bulimia can meet all of sex, drugs, over to play ss power the inspiration. E 'in 1984, the council Devoted to the ritual disc Expects new odes to celebrate dancing robotically to the rhythm of synths and keyboards, Almond goal, sure now of being white ble to dare, turned her unconscious teen full of passions and youth acts sycophants, to offer an album Discovers That has latent rock attitude. This Last Night In Sodom disc virile sound in the plant; Keyboards are Reduced to a minimum, the effects are taken Directly from the noise metropolitan newspapers and Alienating as usual ego intrusions of Almond, that 'wallows annoyed up to overwhelm (' Slave to This'). Battery with the 'Rebel Rebel' Enters, outrageous, 'The Best Way to Kill,' to denounce the little crush That HAD gorged so much, high school fantasy of the second half of the 70. Almond claims respect for the local transex 'Esqualita', emphasizing the logo with sophistries voice to Brian Ferry, while, from a Standpoint instrumental in 'Surrender To A Stranger' is changed register, Preferring to Refer to click some dances by Depeche Mode. In the pipeline, They Are Accomplished Attempts softening. In the same year he released in qui 'The Queen is Dead', Almond, playing the sweet fragility of Morrissey, warbles, as sad and romantic soul, in 'Soul Inside': the result beat a frantic and tender. After This Last Night In Sodom, the circle Soft Cell Seems close prematurely; Almond, Who since 1983 HAD already started to follow parallel paths in Marc and the Mambas, and Ball, Who proseguir in Grid, separate, leaving behind an aura of ambiguity That, In Spite of all Attempts of neglect and botched emulation, will come reindorata in 1998 with the publication of the collection The Singles. Actually the circle is still closed: Almond Nearly invulnerable to the effects of depravity 80's, while engaged in solo projects and collaborations Alongside, Among Others, the famous Nico, is the time to honor the cult of the WHETHER relationship with Ball. Mutual respect and friendship unchanged, They Can take in life the ancient alchemy, from qui, magically, comes out in 2002 Cruelty Without Beauty. Mrs. Almond, as well as personnel, neo platinum look, ref make up output, making it fair and safe next to unripe s electro giovincelle of the new millennium, qui Does not-have much to envy in terms of potential adrenaline, wink erotic spirit danceable. The album shines from the start with the single 'Monoculture': the keyboard and voice Balliana vigorous Almond fresh and motivated, beside a crucial counterpoint to Cybotron house, whence has immediate dance and robotics, in the traditional synth. With ecclesiastical organ opens 'The Night', time immediately engaged by a vortex of cyber keyboard and effects to a Sung enclosed play slip on languor love curves, before giving way to beefy bass lines to set up the input in the darkness of the electro pop duraniana of memory ('Desperate').